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John Chang

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We work hard to provide you the best Winery Experience

Our proprietor and team of designers collaborated together to create a hallmark that will welcome visitors from around the world. With many years in the making, we are eager to share the beauty of our estate in the capital wine country of Canada, Okanagan Valley, BC.

Share our enthusiasm in our Tuscan-inspired winery building, which was awarded Thompson Okanagan Valley’s “Best New Winery Design”.

Our proprietor’s long time philosophy is that our next vintage will be better than the one before.

We continually strive to create a portfolio of wines that highlight the unique characteristics of the Okanagan Valley region. Grizzli Winery uses a combination of traditional and newly inspired winemaking methods to produce a world-class range of wines.

Today, we farm more than 100 acres of vines throughout the Okanagan Valley and have partnered with many local growers, working and collaborating with each other to produce quality grape harvests year after year. Located in central Okanagan Valley, the capital wine country of Canada, Grizzli proudly represents our homegrown Canadian wines.

We craft each of our wines with exceptional precision and care.

Each bottle of wine is made with grapes that are hand harvested and pressed with our state-of-the-art German press. The techniques we use bring out the best aromas and flavours that the Okanagan Valley’s terroir is honoured with.

As continual growth and innovation is our vision, we create each varietal and vintage to proudly stand among the world’s finest.