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Rollingdale Winery

We specialize in environmentally conscious wines.

The first vintage at Rollingdale was produced by owner Steve Dale in 2004. This is a family-owned and operated winery in West Kelowna, BC, run by husband and wife team Steve & Kirsty Dale, producing small lot batches of hand-crafted wines. Their passion for organic practices and producing quality wines inspired them to have their vineyard and cellar Certified Organic with PACS and COABC in 2007.

Best known for premium award winning icewine, Rollingdale also produces a range of robust reds and aromatic white wines with a focus on producing fine wines, using premium grapes from the most conscientiously cultivated vines they can find.

Rollingdale Winery has a dedicated fan base who enjoy the relaxed and friendly atmosphere where tastings can be enjoyed right inside the wine cellar, and where there is always something to learn from the knowledgeable staff. Visit Rollingdale’s casual picnic area and enjoy the spectacular view!

TUES to SAT 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Westside Wine Trail - Rollingdale Winery

Keeping the highest standard within the wine community and on our own land.

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